Motive Power offers 2 streams of Operation, often in combination.

We design & simplify both complex technical products, and complex technical businesses.

If you think that is unusual, you’re right, but it’s sensible too. Products need to offer commercial success for businesses, and businesses need to be structured correctly to maximise the returns from their products.

We can either top-up your in-house skills, or handle your complete project – with our experience comes the flexibility to adapt to your requirements.

In the Business Space

We excel at turnarounds for technical businesses – usually in firms where the Engineers and the Accountants are struggling to communicate. We speak both languages fluently and can structure simple solutions.
Deciding on how to approach a market can be a difficult issue – we can also assist with a range of proven models and approaches.

Some examples:

  • Tier 1 Auto parts supplier returned to profitability
  • Transport company profitable again
  • IT company – 60% growth in orders in 3 months
  • Tourism operation performance enhanced
  • Heavy Engineering company orders increased 6-fold in 6 weeks
  • Heavy Vehicle manufacturer re-located successfully
  • Tier 1 auto systems production relocated
  • Numerous major Government tenders where we have crafted the entire offering, from product design and costings, to the final bound submission
  • International establishment of a Railroad business

In the Design Space

We specialise in the complex here too – usually combining expertise gained in a variety of industries to provide solutions in one.
Whilst we have designed aircraft docking systems, gunnery training simulators, robotic handling cells and automated assembly lines, our speciality is Special Vehicles.
And the more complex the vehicle, the better. From amphibious tour buses to military Strike Vehicles and massive towing tractors.
Oh, and we understand that for a design to be successful, it needs to be a commercial success – we produce designs that can be made, and in turn can be profitable.

Some Examples:

  • Numerous heavy aircraft towing tractor designs
  • Amphibious vehicles
  • Flameproof underground coal mining vehicles
  • Specialised underground mining attachments
  • Heavy waterfront transporters and trailers
  • Military tactical vehicles
  • Open-cut mining equipment and attachments
  • Specialised locomotives
  • Bespoke B-doubles

Let us assist you to drive things forward.